About Food Preservation: regional food traditions, the pleasures of the table, and a slower and more harmonious rhythm of life.

The Slow food Manifesto endorsed and issued by the Slow Food Association in 1989 by delegates from 20 countries: Our defense should begin at the table with Slow Food. Let us rediscover the flavors and savors of regional cooking and banish the degrading effects of Fast Food.

Slow Food U.S.A.
National Statute
With Governors & Board Approval April 1, 2005

Il Manifesto Slow Food: Funds Raising. It’s important to define the one who financially support the slow food association: public organization or institution, private Association or Firm, Producers’ association or a single person. Each of them should believe in the Slow Food philosophy and share its ideas so he or they are willing to financially support it. The Supporter can give money or promote through advertisements the Slow Food initiatives. One single supporter should not overcome the 20 per cent of the yearly total amount collected by the Slow Food Association.

Natural Park Preservation: La Sentina Natural Reserve. Its past, present and... the future that it would appeal to us

La Sentina Oasis (C.N.R.-1967 "Report for the protection of lagoons and the coastal ponds of the Peninsula and the Great Islands" written by Professor Giuseppe Montalenti) defined as the last "humid zone" for the pause of the migratory avifauna from the estuary of the Po river to the GarganoPeninsula. Currently it is destined to agricultural activity, but thanks to the frequent floods it still carries out the important function of "humid zone" for the pause of the migratory avifauna.

1) Ramsar Convention issued on February 2nd 1971 to preserve the humid areas for migrant birds. 1b) Regional Environmental landscape Plan approved on November 3rd 1990 which defined the Natural Reserve as a coastal geological system (art.32), as a botanical excellent system (art.35), an excellent green and flower unique area (art.5), as a beautiful maritime area (art.23)
2) Environmental Regional Program issued by the Regional Marche Council on November 3rd 1971 to recognize La Sentina as a park to protect.
3) Regional Law to preserve La Sentina from pollution and exploitation issued and approved by the Regional Council on December 14th 2004.
4) Funds Raising: Regional and Provincial Funds, European Funds for Natural Environment. Leisure Activities and Guided walking Tours for Tourists.
5) Funds Raising: each Italian citizen can send a small percentage of his/her income taxes to financially support Government initiatives carried out to protect The Italian and Cultural Heritage.
6) Funds Raising: The Italian Ministry for the safeguard of our natural and cultural Heritage can get money from the National Lottery Revenues, this economic support is destined to preserve our cultural and natural beauties against any form of deterioration.

To safeguard the beauty of landscapes and cultural heritage:

Laws and Decrees :
a) Article 9 of the Italian Constitution according to which the Italian Republic must promote the development and safeguard of the Italian Natural and Cultural Heritage
b) Decree n°42 issued on January 22,2004 which states a code (called Urbani Code after the MP’s name who wrote it) to protect and restore cultural and natural landscapes; this decree follows the art.10 of a Parliament Law approved on July 6th, n°137.